Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Movie Star

Its been a little while since I last posted. So I figured I'd post the most recent pic of Brylie. We found these adorable pink little sunglasses for her at Children's Place. I was so surprised at how much she LOVED these things! She wore them for a whole hour at the park and didn't even try to pull them off her face! She's probably just so used to me putting bows on her head all the time that sunglasses are nothin'! haha.

Well, we have made it through the first year. Tyson and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 24th of this month. WOW! where did that year go! A lot has changed since since we got married. Tyson got an Awesome promotion at work, we had Brylie and we bought a house!!! YAY! we moved into our first home on our Anniversary haha! It was the best anniversary present ever! Its amazing just how fast time goes by. Its been an incredible year and we can't wait for the next ones to come. Love you Babe! :o)

Friday, March 19, 2010

She is getting so big!!!

So Brylie is getting so big! She rolled over all on her own yesterday. We just put her on her tummy and she just kicked her leg up and pushed off with her arms and over she went! We have never worked with her on this before and all of a sudden she is showing off! She did it like 5 times in a row! Here is a quick video of her doing it a couple times. :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok, I have a TON to write about. It has been forever since I have posted anything, so here it goes.... Brylie Suki Murri arrived on December 10th, 2009 at 1:39pm. She weighed a whopping 6lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long. She was SO tiny! I loved her the second I saw her! I had a very easy labor. I went in to the hospital at 4:00am and and they started me on pit and broke my water at 7:00am and I was 3cm dilated. The contractions started and they didn't hurt at all! Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy because the contracts were going off the scale! After a couple hours of just uncomfortable contractions I decided to get my epidural. Why be in pain if I don't have to!? :) at 10:00am they checked me and I was 6cm dilated and moving a long great! Another 2 hours went by and my Dr came in to check on me and said that I was 9cm and ready to push! YICKS! she said that she would be back in about 30 minutes... and hour and 15 minutes later.. she returns and I start pushing. 3 pushes and my beautiful baby girl was born! It seemed so unreal to me when I got to hold he for the first time. I think I was in shock or something cuz I couldn't even talk. They took her and cleaned her up and Tyson recorded the whole thing. The second that I saw him craddling our daughter in his arms, I lost it! haha. I started to cry. Her little cries made me cry even more because they were so cute! haha.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day she was born. She is so snuggly! All she wanted to do was jus snuggle into her mama. That's the best feeling in the world! Even now she is still very cuddly and is very content just laying her head on my chest and just sitting quiet. She sleeps with me because I am not ready for her not too yet haha. We are so blessed to have her and Tyson and I can't get enough! And she sure loves her Daddy! While I was on maternity leave and Tyson would come home from work, he would come say hi to her and she would put all her attention on her Daddy just smiling and talkin to him. Tyson would always say that she was tattle telling on me haha. She is definitely a mama's girl tho. Tyson will be holding her and I will be on the other end of the couch and she will hear my voice and look for me. Tyson will try to turn her away from me but she just keeps trying to strain her neck to see her Mommy! I love it! I had no idea what an incredible thing it is to be a mommy. I wouldn't trade anything for it! She is such a happy baby, but she sure has her Daddy's temper haha! Its really funny to watch her get frustrated trying to such on her binkie.

This is the first time Tay and Brylie got to see each other. Tay was just content layin next to her little "sissy"(as Tay calls her). Tay is so good with Brylie. When Brylie cries, Tay is the first one to run to her and try to give her her binkie so she stops crying. She is a great big sister, jsut like we knew she would be. She hasn't really had any problems with sharing the lime light. No jealousy issues or anything. I think that she would rather hang out with her sister then us anyways hehe. :o)

We put Brylie in Tailynn's dollhouse to just how tiny she really is! She is such a good baby! she has the best personality. Always happy and only cries when she's hungry, has a dirty diaper, or wants to sit in her swing. She is obsessed with her swing! She will spend hours in there a day being as happy as can be. She likes to take her long afternoon naps in there. We say thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for getting this!! :o) She is such a good model for me. I try to take as many pictures of her as I can and she never cries while I'm fussing around with her. And she is a champ when it comes to wearing bows. I'm sure it helps that I have put them on her since she was 4 days old hehe. She will thank me when she's older because they cover her cute big ears... that just so happen to by mine and not Tyson's! haha. Tyson says that we have elf ears cuz they are pointy at the top.... Thanks hun! : /

I have been so lucky because she has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 weeks old! Yay! so I never really had sleep deprivation, which I'm sure Tyson is thankful for. haha. She has the best smile and has been cooing for about a month and a half now. It is SO cute! She likes to tell us long stories. And the stories start the second I walk into the door of her babysitter's. The second she sees me she give me a big huge smile and starts her talkin. I like to think that she's tellin me how her day was and how much she missed me. :o) I It is such a good feeling to know that I am that important to her. There is no feeling like it. I couldn't imagine my life without her and am so thankful that Heavenly Father chose me to be her mommy!
I am SO excited because she has my blue eyes!!! Thats all I wanted her to have. I knew that she was going to look like Tyson but I wanted her to have my eyes. Then it looks like I had at least some small part in this haha. They are getting brighter and brighter blue everyday. So I am really excited about that! YAY!

Time definitely goes by so fast! She is already 3 months old now and I don't think I'm ready for it. Pretty soon I am going to blink and she will be a year old. I have enjoyed every moment I get with her! Even on those rare nights where she is really fussy I find myself just being thankful that she is in my life. There is nothing better than being her Mommy! Now I am back at work and missing her terribly! My favorite time of day is 3:30 when I can leave and go pick her up. And when I walk in the door of the nanny's Brylie knows and smiles the second she see's me. Tyson makes fun of me and says that I am obsessed. Honestly! how can I not be?! Look at this face!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost Here!

So, it has been a long road! I am now 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant and have had 2 false labors. One at 37 weeks and one at 38 weeks. I am ready to have my little girl in my arms. And now to find out, that I have PUPP. Its a skin rash that women seem to get in the last trimester with their first pregnancies. Not all women get it, but guess what, I have the worst luck and I have it! Its terrible rashes and hives that have started in the middle of my tummy and have justt spread every where! I really think that it is worse than the chicken pox! But anyways. My due date is in 2 days and we haven't had any more signs of labor starting. My Dr said that if I show up at my appointment, which is on my due date, then she will induce me Friday. SOOO!! I will have a baby no matter what in 4 days! I am so excited! I can't wait to meet her! Tyson is super anxious too. He keeps asking me why I can't just hurry up and have a baby! haha. It was really cute last night he told me that he was excited to meet his new daughter. It completely warmed my heart! OH! and we have a name... FINALLY!!! Brylie Suki Murri will be joining us very soon and we couldn't be more thrilled! Hurry up my Brylie Girl!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Waiting Game

UGH! SO I thought that I was in labor last Friday, actually, I bet that I really was and then my little girl just decided to change her mind. lol. I was having contractions consistently for well over an hour and they were getting stronger when I walked around. I went to the hospital and was still contracting like crazy, then they told me to get up and walk and ended up having even more contractions. When I got back to the room they had me in, the contractions all but stopped. They became less intense and farther apart. So needless to say, after being at the hospital for almost 6 hours, they sent me home. I have been having contractions since then, but with not consistency. I just want to see my baby already!! This waiting game happens to suck a lot! I have done everything I could think of or have researched to get things going. I think that I have gotten more exercise over the past few days by walking then I have in my entire life! And I had someone recommend Red Raspberry tea to start contractions, yep... nothin'! My little girl is as stubborn as her daddy! haha. This is frustrating just waiting. It probably wouldn't be this bad if last Friday hadn't happened. But I had that little glimpse of hope and excited, and now I am going crazy just wanting her to be here already!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Little Bumble Bee

I just had to post this! Tay was a Bumble Bee for Halloween this year, and she was probably the CUTEST Bumble Bee that I have EVER seen! She had so much fun Trick or Treating! She got so much candy too! I think it was because she was so darn cute that people gave her more candy! :) She was so good too! She said thank you and had such good manners. Everyone in our neighborhood said that she had the best manners that they had seen out of all the kids that had come to their doors. So of course they gave her more candy for being polite too! It was really funny, she went up to someones door, said "Trick or Treat" got given candy then said thank you and started to walk away, and the women told her to come back and said that because she had said thank you, she got to get another big handful of candy. So Tay said thank you again and waited for the 3rd handful haha! She caught on really quick on how that all worked haha! We had a blast taking her out! I will have to see if Tyson can help me put the video of her Trick or Treating up here to show everyone. Cutest Bumble Bee Ever!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the Home Stretch!

I haven't written in a while, so I figured that I would update everyone on how things are going. Well, I'm still pregnant! but that is a good thing since we aren't due until early December haha. The baby moves all the time now! I swear that she does back flips and kung fu in my tummy every morning! She now wakes me up in the mornings with her fidgets :) But I am in my third and final trimester! I can't believe how fast all of this has gone! We are starting to get ready for her arrival and we couldn't be more excited! Tailynn seems like she is more excited then both Tyson and I are, if that is even possible! All she talks about is her sister and what she is going to do when her sister comes out. She is already very protective of her little sis. She yells at the dog if he jumps up on the couch next to me and puts his paw on my stomach and says "NO ROCKY!!! YOUR GUNNA HURT MY SISTER!" She even yells at Tyson when she thinks that he is being rough with me haha! great big sister already! We went thru all of her clothes this weekend and found some of her old baby clothes that I decided to put up for the baby. She was just ecstatic that her sister was going to wear her old clothes! I think that she would have given the baby all of her clothes if it was up to her! She is starting to help around the house by putting away the cutlery from the dishwasher and every time after she finishes she announces to us that she is a "Good big sister helper!" She cracks me up! She has really made waiting for the baby even more fun than I thought it would be! I have pretty much figured out that I won't have to buy the baby any clothes for the first year or so of her life! A lady that Tyson works with just had a baby and she is constantly giving us big bags of clothes! Thanks Erin!!! :) I now have so many white onezy that I think that I could justify them being disposable! haha! OH! I almost forgot! Tay started pre-school! She is growing up so fast!! I am going to have to find something to make sure that this baby always stays little! haha! Tay is getting quite the little personality too! Tyson had asked her to hand him the remote that was only a couple feet away and her response to him was. "UGH! DAD! You're lazy!" hahaha!! That comment had us cracking up for a while! I told Tyson that he couldn't be mad at her for calling him out! She makes our life more light and fun! Can't wait for the other one to come along to join the fun! We still don't have any names picked out yet. But I do have to announce to everyone that my wonderfully stubborn husband..... *rolls eyes* said that he won't veto every name that I bring up to him, and that I can name the baby and he won't put up a fuss. BOUT TIME!!!!! :) Love you Hunny!